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Our Team

Meet our Board 

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Sheila (Shade) DeBlonk

Board President & Co-founder

Sheila DeBlonk (she/her) is a political consultant and community engagement expert who understands how to empower both people and communities in order to build unified coalitions. Working with candidates, committees, and governmental agencies for over 25 years, she has been credited with producing some of the most memorable and effective political mail anywhere in the country today. 

After two decades, of winning over 120 political campaigns and passing $3 billion in local General Obligation School Bonds with her husband and life partner, She was called upon to help secure over $10 billion for road repair and public transportation for the State of California.

Known as Shade by her friends, She understands many of the difficulties polyamorous people face. Driven by her personal motto, "Live the dreams that wake the world," she is focused on creating sex-positive communities and promoting enthusiastic consent through education and awareness. She served as an officer on her local Stonewall Board, Past President of the non-profit she envisioned, Consensuality, Inc., and Co-founder of a consent-focused Orgy Dome at the Burning Man theme camp, ... and then there's only LOVE.


The proud parent of two children, she is excited to be celebrating 30 years of marriage this year with her life partner. 


William Winters

Board of Directors

William Winters (he/him) is a seasoned digital campaign strategist for progressive organizations and causes. William is also a leader in the Bay Area’s polyamorous and sex-positive communities. He is the founder of Bonobo Network, a sex-positive, consent-focused, power-aware community that facilitates well-informed, emotionally sophisticated, inclusive, and curated conversation and praxis about sex and intimacy. He's also a founder of Express Yourself, a quarterly gathering uniting people of color in celebrations of the erotic.


Lauren (Luna) Vegter

Board of Directors

Luna (Lauren) Ray Vegter (she/her) is the founder and CEO of Bloom Community, a social app for sex-positive, ethically non-monogamous, kink, and queer communities. Prior to Bloom, Luna led viral growth for Instagram from 700M to past a billion users. She also led the social products team at Oculus and launched consumer VR to the world. Luna has two MIT degrees and studied computer science at Stanford.

Heath Schechinger

Board of Directors

Dr. Heath Schechinger (he/they) is a Counseling Psychologist at UC Berkeley, an Affiliate Faculty member at the Kinsey Institute, and specializes in supporting the polyamory and LGBTQ+ communities in private practice. Heath co-founded the American Psychological Association (APA) Division 44 Committee on Consensual Non-monogamy (CNM) and the Polyamory Legal Advocacy Coalition, the first national research and legal advocacy organizations dedicated to polyamorous individuals, communities, and families. He has published multiple peer-reviewed research articles, co-authored the first APA clinical guideline inclusive of polyamory, and worked to ensure perpetual CNM-committee representation within the LGBTQ Division of the APA. Heath conducts media interviews, public speaking engagements, and educates nationwide as an expert on ethical non-monogamy.


Aaron Harkins

Board of Directors / Treasurer

Aaron Harkins (he/him) is an attorney practicing in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, providing legal representation for a variety of different issues including finance and restructuring, Aaron was selected to Rising Stars for 2008, 2010, 2012 - 2016, and Received Best Lawyers® award in Native American law for 2021.

Connect with Staff

Brett Chamberlin

Executive Director / Co-founder

Brett Chamberlin (he/him) is a social impact organizer with over a decade of movement-building experience. In addition to serving as Executive Director of OPEN, Brett sits on the board of directors of Consensuality Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to educating and empowering people around enthusiastic consent and sexual connection.


Prior to stepping into non-monogamy advocacy, Brett cut his chops in the environmental sector. He is the co-founder of the Post-Landfill Action Network, a national nonprofit organization supporting student-run sustainability programs on college campuses. Brett also served as Director of Community Engagement at The Story of Stuff Project, where he led the global grassroots distribution and impact campaign of their Emmy-winning documentary "The Story of Plastic." As a sustainability advocate, Brett has appeared on CNN International, NBC, and conferences nationwide. 


Bryan (Lefty) DeBlonk

Political & Events Director / Co-founder

Bryan DeBlonk (he/him) has more than 25 years of experience as a political consultant and lobbyist, developing messaging and winning communication strategies for governments, candidates, non-profit associations, and business groups. He recently served as the Political Director for a large California education association where he led a talented team of Lobbyists and spearheaded a statewide team of Public Affairs professionals.  He has served as the general consultant on more than 120 California campaigns and has helped to pass close to $3 billion in School Bonds. Establishing himself as a leading political strategist in California in addition to providing a full spectrum of services including, polling, ground campaigns, direct mail, political data, fundraising and event management.


As Lefty, Bryan DeBlonk is credited with building the Orgy Dome into a recognized leader in consent education, sex positivity, and a model for how to operate a safe and inclusive play space. Lefty is the Co-Chair of That Fucking Festival and has been instrumental in the founding and curation of several Bay Area play communities.